Dana Mihai

Dana Mihai

Artists & Artisans - Romania

After travelling for the last 14 years on all continents as an event planner, Dana dedicated herself to jewelry crafting as the passion she always had.

Her vision was shaped by her experiences with people she met and places she visited along with the traditions she encountered. She strongly believes that in the end everything connects. All these experiences combined creates a universe she wants to explore convinced that these vast relations offer unique stories that needs to be told. For her jewelry is like a language used to tell these stories, which she calls “snippets from her personal poems”.

Her jewelry seen as a language uses various metals with all sorts of precious and semiprecious stones while she is searching for an instinctive aesthetics without ever losing sight to their wearability.

Currently she lives and works in Bucharest and Berlin but she loves to travel to Greece every time she has the opportunity where she feels connected and inspired.