Stella Battaglia

Stella Battaglia

Artists & Artisans - Italy

Entirely dedicated to jewellery, Stella is the trademark of artist Stella Battaglia. Stella’s career has long been oriented towards the research of dynamic forms, a process supported by a thorough study of geometry, perspective and optical distortions in sculpture.

The series of sculptures - Jewel by Stella Battaglia - is dedicated to the movement of water and wind, elements that, since classical antiquity, have fascinated artists as a way of expressing movement in nature.

A detail - bound by the straight lines of geometry - is extracted from the rippled, swaying surface of the water. The vibration runs through the pieces, which are all separate and yet part of a single and unique motion that contrasts with the balance and solidity of the square shape.

The choice of using the colours of metal evokes light reflected on the water at different times of the day – from the rose-coloured light of dawn and sunset, to the silver light of nightime, to the golden light of midday.

Hand-modelled by the artist and then artisanally crafted by goldsmiths of Florence’s Oltrarno, the jewels are limited edition, numbered and signed. Made in silver and non-precious metals, they have a very particular finish that simultaneously gives them the brightness of metal and the modern elegance of opacity.