Veronique Lacombe

Veronique Lacombe

Brands - Canada

Véronik Lacombe is a jeweler working for herself near Montreal, Quebec.  She studied jewelry and gemology in college in Montreal at the end of the 90’s. The least we can say is that her journey has been far from linear.

Her professional life took her in many directions, working in sales in the jewelry and fashion industries, as a personal stylist, as well owning multiple businesses. All these experiences would eventually lead her to realize that something crucial was missing,

Véro felt the need to get back to her roots.

Since being a little girl, she has always wanted to be a jeweler. In the fall of 2021, she finally got the chance to make her childhood dream come true.

Her creativity, love of manual labor and boundless enthusiasm find themselves at the core of her artistic expression.  Her exploration of many different professional paths have made her a well-rounded and sensitive artist.

Achievments :

Finalist - The Earring Show - Craft Council of BC - Canada

Artist selected - And All Of A Sudden Exhibit - Propeller Gallery - Canada

Artist Selected - Milano Jewelry Week 2022 - The FaB and Jewelry Drops