Viola Pineider


Artist / Artisan - Brazil

Viola Pineider is designer and maker at ARC. Born and grown up in Florence, in Italy, she is currently living and working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
With 15 years of experience in carpentry and antique furniture restoration, along with a calling for interior designing, wood remains the medium of choice in her art. With her pieces Viola aims to explore corporeality, from the tension between shapes to desires, movements and boundaries. 
The brand was born in 2018 like an evolving project delving deeper around the body through unconventional forms.
ARC designs and makes unique pieces from recycled wood, combining sustainability and sophistication.
The intention is breaking the cliché that associates the preciousness of an ornament with the value of the materials that make it up. 
Each ARC piece carries with it the story of this precious material, the place where it was found, the creativity that transformed it, the patience  and the ability of the process..
The result is unique and exclusive pieces designed for dynamic people that recognize the value of handmade and prefer meaningful ornaments.