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KLEO GLENS is the essence of a post-realist imaginary, the perception of a digital reality in direct collision with the analogical nature of existence. This is today's scenario immortalized by Bolognese designer Sara Casalboni.

My artistic sensibility is attracted to what is invisible in technology: motherboards, circuits, connectors, slots and sockets. They define in detail the whole of today's society. They become its icons.
From a conceptual point of view, my poetics is based on the memory function contained in the circuits.
In my works are present various hardware components, but the motherboard plays a main role: with my creations I pay homage to this hi-tech object by representing it in the graphic designs I apply on metal surfaces. The geometric shapes that support the graphic apparatus, in their simplicity recall the constituent elements of the hardware. The aim of my art is to build an union between the material past and the virtual future, in order to create a bridge of interconnections.


Sara Casalboni holds a Diploma Degree in Painting from the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Bologna. She also took part to the course of Jewerly Design at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Ravenna.

Exhibition and more

Collaboration for the eyewear design project by Emanuela Bergonzoni, three graphic customizations on eyewear in the "Human Work Project" catalog, publication February 2020

UN-USUAL EVENT Fashion and art Design with ZERO LIMIT STORE Bonsai, Bologna December 2019

ARMOR MATER Jewelery Collection Exhibition at Uomo store, Bologna December 2019

GLASSES ARE NEW JEWELERY Event participation in an exhibition with five sculptures, Museo dell’Occhiale, Pieve di Cadore, August 2019

STANZE DEL BARACCANO Personal exhibition of Painting and Sculpture, Bologna January 2019

BRUTTI IN BOSCO Installations, collaboration with students at the Academy of Fine Arts, Cà de Mandorli, Bologna June 2013


New York Ink Academy, tattoo course, Bologna May 2018

Anatomical tribute: jewelry as amulets, second workshop on lost wax processing, at the Polo Joalheiro do Pará Jurunas Program, Belém Brazil September 2014