Johanna Lundán

Johanna Lundán

Media & Contributors - Finland

Johanna Lundán is a founder and an editor-in-chief of Jules & Beryl, recently founded digital platform that combines the best features of journalistic online media and shopping experience to revolutionize the promotion of Finnish jewellery artisans and shake up Finnish jewellery culture. Her passion is to make jewels speak louder. Johanna strongly believes and Finnish jewellery deserves to be heard, talented goldsmiths and designers to be seen and people are worthy of jewelry that reflects their own personality.

Her interest towards Finnish jewellery began in 2015 when she received an invitation to the Indepence Day Reception hosted by the President of the Republic, and she wanted to honor the etiquette by choosing fine jewellery instead of fashion accessories. As she got to know the industry more, she realized that Finland is full of talented independent designers, but nobody speaks for them, and how little the public knows about them. She wants to make her own contribution to bringing out the Finnish jewellery industry and its artists, and convey the joy and beauty that jewellery brings, making jewellery more than just jewellery. Johanna has been awarded by Finnish Goldsmiths Association in 2021 for her work for jewellery culture.

The appreciation for talented artisans and the passion to bring the industry to the forefront gave birth to The Jewelry of the Year in Finland competition she founded in 2018 and the new business Jules & Beryl in 2020. The societal significance of Jules & Beryl lies in preserving the domestic know-how, securing business and employment especially for small entrepreneurs, and raising awareness that Finnish made jewellery is a responsible and sustainable purchase that also sustains our own cultural heritage.

Her background includes a career of more than 15 years as an entrepreneur in management and advisory positions as well as in their family businesses in the automotive and real estate sectors. In addition to her career, she has been active in NGO called JCI and have held positions of trust at the international level doing advocacy work on leadership and on Sustainable Development Goals.

Johanna’s favourite jewellery is big and eye-catching earrings, but in recent years she’s been passionate about wearing big statement rings as well. She also cheers for brooches and I would love to see them more in business attire!