GUSSINI - Personal Jewels

GUSSINI - Personal Jewels

Jewelry Designers - Spain

Expert Jewelry Designer and and Rhinoceros® Creative & Trainer

"Give me a foothold and I'll make it shine."

He's pleased to say about himself.

To shine, however, is also the smile of those who wear a precious item with style. To shine are the ideas, the details, the precision of a line that runs to underline the sinuous shapes of a unique object of its kind. Unique, exactly how those who wear it want to feel.

So, he create light that is worn: on the finger, around the wrist or to embellish a woman's neck.

  • After being a Goldsmith, Artisan and Artist for a lot of years, since 2000 he has been listening to needs, imagining solutions and providing answers to companies that, in the jewelry sector, require hiscreative consultancy. In two words, he is a Jewelry Designer.
  • Designing jewelry is a job that you must love at least as much as you love women, maybe even more. In addition to the technical knowledge you must have style, class, precision, infinite patience and a good dose of perseverance.
  • Since he started creating projects for companies, has been using 3D technology, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to draw freehand. He has been a goldsmith craftsman for over twenty years and, still today, every project of his comes from the dear old paper.
  • "In my opinion - he likes to argument - 3d does not serve to redo, in a short time and at lower costs, what we already knew how to do by hand, absolutely not. By designing on the computer, on the other hand, it is possible to explore new styles and shapes, to try new solutions in not excessive times and without wasting material. A bit like carving marble without damaging even a slab." Awesome, isn't it?
  • Do you need new ideas to develop, or maybe to finally give light to your creations in the drawer? If so, contact him!