EBJ - Escola Brasileira de Joalheria

EBJ - Escola Brasileira de Joalheria

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EBJ - Escola Brasileira de Joalheria was founded in 2015 and conceived by Livi Pires, located in the neighborhood of Ipanema in Brazil, the school has teachers with extensive experience in the jewelry industry.

With courses from basic to advanced, students learn all the procedures for manufacturing their jewelry, which includes the production of their own metallic alloy and solders.

With the support of an incubator, ebj students are encouraged to create their own brands. In this process, they learn how to develop collections, price their jewelry, how to present their products on social media.

The school values ​​individualized learning and therefore does not have time to train in each module, so the student learns in his own time.

Basic Jewelery: In the basic jewelery course, the student is presented with the techniques that will allow him to start making his own jewelry.

Intermediate Jewelery: The student knows new techniques, games, rivets and hinges are some of them.

High jewelery: All types of high jewelry pieces, flatons, solitaires and others.

Other courses: setting, wax modeling, enamelling, filigree.

Their vision is to train the student in the entire jewelry process. They know that knowledge always strengthens us as professionals, and that it is essential for the production of a quality product.