Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana

Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana

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Since 1995, the Ambrosian Goldsmith School (SOA) has offered 22 practical laboratory courses for learning the most important goldsmith techniques.

In addition to a twinned office in Tokyo, it collaborates with the Marangoni Institute, the Creative Academy, many Art Institutes and Foundations and many trade associations. SOA today is a reference point for those who approach the world of goldsmithing to make it a profession or for those who want to cultivate a hobby. 

The secret of our success?

Teaching the most beautiful profession in the world with the best Masters in each specialty

Our courses are organized so that each teacher can follow a small number of students, to guarantee an excellent teaching quality.

The extreme flexibility of the courses is one of the strengths of the Ambrosian Goldsmith School. For the most popular courses we offer the opportunity to enroll all year round and start when you prefer; moreover, many of our courses have three daily shifts: it is therefore possible to choose the days and times in which to attend and decide the frequency according to your needs. 
Our offices are well located, and served by train, metro and other public transport, all within a few minutes' walk of the school. 
Our courses range from jewelery to setting, wax modeling, design, engraving, embossing and chisel, gemology, high jewelery, stringing of necklaces, fired enamels and more.