FOR.AL Accademia del gioiello “VINCENZO MELCHIORRE”

FOR.AL Accademia del gioiello “VINCENZO MELCHIORRE”

Schools - Italy

Since 1972 FOR.AL has been involved in the preparation of future goldsmiths, teaching traditional manual skills and serial reproduction techniques to those who intend to enter the goldsmith production context. It also specializes young people, already in possession of qualifications or diplomas, in modeling and design.

The programming of the courses includes:

  •  frontal and distance lessons;
  • practical laboratory teaching with individual exercises aimed at processing, assembly, traditional  and with a microscope  setting, finishing goldsmith objects;
  • methodological innovation, like the possibility for students to access environments equipped with the most modern technologies with support tutors that assist students in their creative path;
  • case studies, problem analysis, search for solutions and processing of results with the aim of developing the diagnostic skills of students and allowing them to actively implement the knowledge learned on a theoretical and practical level.


The courses range from design to cad, from working techniques in goldsmiths to cutting and setting and micro-setting of gems, from gemological analysis to the use of laser technologies. The team of trainers, mostly from the corporate world, is highly qualified.

For young people in compulsory education:

  • Gold And Precious Metals Worker - Three-year course.

For unemployed:

  • Precious Gem Setter;
  • Specialized Goldsmith Design Technician;
  • Ifts -Technics For The Artisan Realization Of Made In Italy Products.

For employees:

  • Cad Elements - Basic Level Three-dimensional Design;
  • Cad Elements - Advanced Level Three-dimensional Design;
  • Cad Prototyping Elements;
  • Elements Of Gemology - Semiprecious Gems And Pearls;
  • Elements Of Gemology - The Diamond;
  • Elements Of Gemology - Rubies, Emeralds And Sapphires;
  • Pearl Threading Techniques;
  • Micro-embossing And Pneumatic Engraving Techniques;
  • English Language - Elementary Level;
  • English Language - Intermediate Level;
  • French Language - Elementary Level.


Courses with variable content and duration depending on the needs of the client, including individual ones.