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Lagos Jewelry School

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The first of its kind in Nigeria and founded in  the year 2012, our aim is to develop and upgrade the dying trade of  goldsmithing  by offering a wide variety of Metalsmithing classes to suit your desirable interest. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the aspiring jeweler who is looking into the goldsmithing/jewelrymaking field with our beginner classes and also the professional who is looking to upgrade his/her goldsmithing skills.

LJS also provides a comfortable and accessible workshop space for rent for aspiring goldsmiths who are yet to acquire their personal skills. The aim is to make it easier for you to settle down to the job comfortably.

Level 1Goldsmithing (Basic) 

  • Soldering 
  • Piercing
  • Polishing
  • Metalstamping 
  • Basic stonesetting
  • Materials and tools provided for training purposes only.
  • Duration 5working days

Level 2 Goldsmithing (Intermediate) - 5 days

  • Metal sheet and wire production
  • Melting of metal
  • Chain making 
  • Fabrication of bezels and double gallery prong setting.
  • Use of the Flexshaft 
  • Introduction to textures in finishing.
  • Duration

Advanced  Goldsmithing (Fabrication) - 8 Weeks

  • Advanced soldering
  • Dapping
  • Hinges
  • Clasp and findings
  • Advanced Stone setting
  • Rings
  • Electroplating 

Advanced Goldsmithing (Casting + Digital JewelryDesign) - 4 weeks

  • Wax Carving
  • Digital design and printing.
  • Creation of moulds. 
  • Wax injection   
  • Casting 

Digital Jewelry Design using Rhinoceros & Rhinogold -  2 days a week for a month

  • The interface
  • Views
  • Navigating around the interface
  • Customizing the interface
  • Selecting objects, moving, rotating & scaling. -importing & exporting STL & OBJ files.
  • Extrusion 
  • Boolean 
  • creating text 
  • dding gems
  • adding prongs
  • adding cutters
  • adding materials.
  • adding designs 
  • adding textures 
  • weighing your design for production
  • creating a ring.
  • resizing a ring
  • creating a pendant

Complete Jewelry design and Manufacturing (Fulltime Goldsmithing) - 5 months

  • Basic 1 Goldsmithing
  • Basic 2/a intermediate Goldsmithing 
  • Advanced Goldsmithing Fabrication 
  • Advanced Goldsmithing Casting
  • Digital Jewelry Design