Francesco Paganini

Scuola di Arte Sacra di Firenze - sezione di oreficeria

School - Italy

The Sacred Art School in Florence is an international school which was founded to promote creativity in art and artistic craftsmanship, with a boundless openness to the world of the sacred. The School offers three specializations in painting, sculpture and goldsmithing.  “Forward in tradition” is the idea that characterizes us. The School follows the model of an artistic Renaissance bottega  where students will learn how to design and create contemporary works of art. The School, which does not adhere to any particular artistic style, is above all a workshop where students and teachers, artists and artisans meet and confront each other. As the students grow in their design and creation skills can be involved in the commissions, also learning to interact with the client and their needs.

The school offers courses at all levels in sculpture, painting and goldsmithing which includes Rhinoceros 3D courses. It's also an innovative workshop where clients can commission tailormade and unique projects.