Dalila Daffara

Dalila Daffara

Media & Contributors - Italy

Dalila Daffara is a Gemologist and Fine Jewelry Specialist with an extensive experience of over 15 years in the field.

Gem and Jewelry passionate since her childhood, Dalila started very soon to breath the jewelry and gem’s essence into every facet of them. She graduated in gemology and she became Certified Valuer of Alessandria Bank after many years of studies in Valenza Po, one of the historical jewelry districts in Italy. She is also IGI and AJP GIA gemologist graduated and she taught gemology at IGI in Milan.

Dalila has been responsible of Exclusive Jewelry department for an international auction house based in Amsterdam and she specialized in online business development. Traveling around the world, she estimated thousands of incredible pieces and she met some of the most important People of the sector.

In 2020 Dalila founded an international company - D4LUX - specialized in growth strategies growth of Jewelry & Diamond Firms. D4LUX's focus is the concrete increase of online sales thanks to tailored strategies on each company needs and goals. In addition, through her own social media pages, Dalila's mission is to highlight the Excellence and trends of jewelry & gems world and to support Talents.