Bird, fish or somewhere in between - a collaborative project with jewelry and art objects about the influence of man on nature

Art. 37
1 May - 11 September 2022


Bird, fish or somewhere in between –
a collaborative project with jewellery and art objects about the human impact on nature

The project includes about 20 works of art and arts and crafts objects on display in an installation.

First came the Big Bang, then about 4 billion years ago life on Earth. About 450 million years ago, fish began to swim in the oceans, and after 250 million years later, birds flew into the sky. After that, it took about 200 million years until a gallery for contemporary jewelry art was opened in Stockholm and ten years later another was opened in Gothenburg. Oddly enough, independently of each other, the artists behind these galleries, Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson, developed an interest in fish and birds, industry and nature, climate impact and social changes in society. Was there something in the water? Was there something in the air? Or maybe somewhere in between?

Karin Roy Andersson has long worked with plastic – residual material that she hunts for in ditches and garbage containers, at the hairdresser and in friends' bathroom cabinets. The exhibition at Not Quite also shows jewellery and objects in natural tanned reindeer skin, also a waste material that is not always recovered after the reindeer slaughter. Karin was introduced to the material by a Sami colleague and the long tradition of leather work and the living material brings to mind heritage, the conveying of knowledge and the management of craft traditions. In parallel with her own artistic work, Karin runs the jewelry art gallery Four Gothenburg.

In the exhibition, Sofia Björkman shows three-dimensional objects that move between body-related portable works, installations, drawings and paintings. The works flow between different fields of art such as fine arts, crafts and jewellery. They relate to landscape paintings, sketches and decorative objects and work for wall, as installations and as portable art at the same time. Sofia Björkman is a professional artist from Stockholm. After graduating from Konstfack in 1998, she started PLATINA, a gallery and a studio for jewelry art. Since then, she has worked as an artist and curator combined with activities and projects.