Budapest Jewelry Week (BJW)

Art. 16
12 August - 28 August 2021

Budapest Jewelry Week (BJW)
IDOL - exhibition
28 August - 12 September 2021, György Ráth Villa, Budapest
The Art Jewelry Night of Budapest is organised for the seventh time this year. The event has gone through a lot of changes over the last 7 years, the original principles are still the same, but it has outgrown the one-night attributive. As a result, this year the string of events will be organised under a brand new name and profile, and from 2021 our programme can be found by following us at our new name, Budapest Jewelry Week (BJW).
The fundamental goal of the event is to provide a common platform for contemporary jewelry artists, to motivate them and to build a professional network. Our programme has been aiming to enhance our connections to the international scene more and more extensively, and to enable cooperation between international and Hungarian artists not only through the exhibitions that we organise, but also through workshops and professional reports.
This year instead of the usual artist call we are preparing a large scale exhibition which showcases artworks by outstanding artists whose oeuvre has been significantly impacting the way contemporary jewelry develops, evolves. The show is entitled IDOL, and it intends not only to present exemplary careers, but also to show respect for professional commitment. The international exhibition is planned to display pieces by 30 artists. The goal of the show is to set directions to follow, to create bridges between past and present, and it wants to address young, emerging artists as well as established professionals. In addition, we aim to give a good example for a wider audience as well, which in the long run will enable a community with a deeper understanding of contemporary jewelry to be formed in Hungary.
Such an exhibition is without precedent in Hungary, therefore it is of paramount importance for us to provide a comprehensive overview of the works by pioneer artists of the last 40 years. The final list of participants is yet to be announced, but we are pleased to say that Lisa Walker, Daniel Kruger, Christoph Straube and many other great artists have already joined our show.
The György Ráth Villa, which constitutes an auxiliary part to the Museum of Applied Arts and will host the exhibition, will provide an exciting ambience with its art nouveau enterieur for the contemporary objects reflecting on the traditions of object design.
We find it crucial to ensure that the audience can see the objects in person, therefore we are and will be striving to hold a live event taking into account the pandemic situation of course.
Background organisation of the event: FISE - Fiatal Iparművészek Stúdiója Egyesület / SYDA - Studio of Young Designers Association
The organisers of Budapest Jewelry Week: Zsófia Gizella Biró, Anna Börcsök, Fruzsi Fekete, Kinga Horányi, Nóra Tengely